Statement from BCSSGBA re: BCSS motion

BCSSGBA Commission Response to BCSS Proposal

Dear Coaches, Athletic Directors and Administrators,


In late February, B. C. School Sports released a report which proposed major changes to how high-school sports and their related provincial championship tournaments will be managed in the future.  The biggest change is the proposed elimination of all sport commissions which now oversee each high-school sport offered in BC.
The B. C. Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association is one of the sport commissions which would be affected if this proposal is passed. The BCSSGBA believes the elimination of the sport commissions would have a negative impact on high school basketball and the student athletes we are all supposed to be working for to provide a memorable high-school sports experience.  As a result, the BCSSGBA executive is encouraging all voting members to vote NO to this proposal at the BCSS Annual General Meeting scheduled to take place before the end of the current school year.
The reasons we believe this change would be negative for student athletes are explained in the attached letter.  The BCSSGBA executive hopes you will read this letter and consider the negative impact the proposed changes will have on you, your school and your team if this motion is not defeated.  We encourage coaches to use this letter as a starting position for talking points with your athletic directors and school administrators in an attempt to inform them and to give your opinions about why these proposed changes would have negative consequences for the student athletes you work with on a daily basis.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of our message as we present our reasons for not supporting this drastic proposed change to the organization of high-school sports in our province. We hope you will feel the same way.  Please feel free to disperse this message and the attached letter to as many coaches, athletic directors, parents and other stakeholders as you feel necessary.

BCSSGBA Executive