NEWS: Jr Girls Basketball BC’s 2024 Onwards

The BCSSGBA is now accepting proposals to host the 2024 Jr BC Championships.

The B. C. Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association has been informed of some important news regarding the future of the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament.

Starting with the 2024 edition of the girls provincial championship tournament presently being held at the Langley Events Centre, the 1A senior girls tournament will be moved to the LEC to be hosted in conjunction with the 2A, 3A and 4A senior girls tournaments.  As a result, the Junior girls tournament will be forced to leave the LEC starting with the 2024 edition of the tournament.  The LEC and its related sites cannot accommodate a fifth event at the same time so the Junior tournament has to move elsewhere.  Also, the Junior girls cannot move to the dates at the LEC at the same time as the junior boys as they already have claim to those dates and with the possibility of TWU hosting both volleyball and basketball playoffs for their men’s and women’s programs, the prospects of being bumped from the facility a few weeks prior to the event are too problematic to risk.  There is the possibility of perhaps moving back to the LEC and its related sites with a new gym currently being planned for construction on the grounds of the LEC, but that prospect is a few years away in the distance on the calendar.

Therefore, at the association’s AGM which will he held at the LEC the Saturday morning, March 4, 2023, of this year’s tournament, proposals to host the B.  C. junior girls tournament for one or two years will be discussed and voted upon for acceptance.  Also, please note, while the hope is the hosting proposals will be for the continuation of a 24-team tournament, with the forced move back to high-school hosts, proposals to host a 16-team tournament will also be accepted; proposals to host a 24-team tournament will be given priority.

If you and your school are interested in submitting a proposal to host the 2024 B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament, the deadline to receive these proposals is Friday, February 24, 2023.

If you have any questions or if you require any additional information, please feel free to email Brett Westcott ( at your earliest convenience.

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