New Tiering / BC’s berthing Information

Information for the Startup of the 4A Tier of Competition for 2019-2020 Season

 B.C. Secondary School Girls Basketball Association

 The BCSSGBA Executive met as a group at the Langley Events Centre Saturday, August 25, for an all-day meeting to discuss and to set the rules under which we would begin implementation of the new 4A tier of competition along with the restructuring of the province’s zones which increase from seven to nine starting with the 2019-2020 season of play.

See information:

4A Tiering Information

New Zone Tiers by Sport – Girls Basketball 4 Tiers (1)

This document shows what the school distribution may look like for 4 tiers over 9 new BCSS zones.


From this meeting, we developed the following rules and berthing which will be in place for the 2019-2020 season of play for our commission:


1)  school sizes for each of these tiers will be adjusted to the following:

1A = 1-78; 2A = 79-162; 3A = 163-262; 4A = 263+ (registered female students in grades 11-12)


2)  teams playing up out of their tier size based upon the number of female students in grades 11-12 must do so for a minimum of TWO years


3)  teams cannot play up out of their tier size unless there is at least one team already active in their zone in that tier  (INTENT = not to create single-team zones) A team can not declare to move up into a tier in order to be the only team in the zone at that tier and earn an automatic berth to the BC’s.


4)  teams MUST declare their desired tier level if they choose to play out of their tier by October 15 each year declarations are required


From this meeting, it was determined the berthing for the tiers next season will be as follows:



-one berth per zone = 9 x 1 = 9 berths

-2 wildcard berths based upon season strength

-1 host berth to Langley district champion; if champ qualifies through their zone, this berth reverts to the wildcard pool

-4 remaining berths based upon size of zone

– # registered teams in province divided by 4 (# of available berths) = a value

– divide each zone’s number of registered and active teams by the value determined and                      the 4 highest totals earn these 4 final berths

NOTE:  if a zone does not have a team at a particular tier, this berth reverts to the wildcard pool



-same as 4A



-same as 4A



-one berth per zone = 9 x 1 = 9 berths

-1 host berth

-each zone with 9+ registered and active teams = 1 additional berth

-any remaining berths revert to the wildcard pool



-the plan currently is we will stay at 24 teams for the time being, including the 2019-2020 season

-doing so will require more games being played at another site off the LEC campus

-executive decided this result was better than having the tournament leave the LEC as a whole

-expectation will be the final four or eight teams will remain playing at the LEC


-North Central = 2                               -Northwest = 1                        -qualifying tournament

-Vancouver-Whistler = 2                    -Kootenays = 1                       champions = 5

-Vancouver Island = 2                        -Fraser Valley East = 2           -Wildcards = 2

-Okanagan = 2                                    -Fraser River South = 2

-Host = 1                                             -Fraser River North = 2          -TOTAL = 24 berths




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