2019-20 Jr. Team Registration

Secondary School Girls Basketball Association    






Junior Girls Team Registration Form

Due Date:  January 15, 2020; Late Date:  February 1, 2020


Team Registration – 2019/20:

  1. In order to be eligible for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament, teams must register with the B. C. Junior Girls Basketball Association. Teams must forward a $15 registration fee and a team registration form to the proper zone representative by JANUARY 15.
  1. A late registration deadline will be FEBRUARY 1. Teams which register with the association between JANUARY 15 – FEBRUARY 1 must pay a $75 late registration fee.
  1. Teams which do not register with the association by FEBRUARY 1, will be subject to a $5,000 fine and registration fee in order to be eligible to participate in the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament. Registrations will not be accepted after the start of the applicable zone playoffs or within one week of the opening day of that season’s B. C. junior girls provincial tournament, whichever comes first.  Registration is considered complete when the zone rep receives all the required registration materials (registration form and registration fee) postmarked by the appropriate deadline date.