2019-20 Jr. Rules & Regulations


UPDATED: Rules & Regs for 2019-20:

B. C. Junior Girls Rules and Guidelines



Junior Girls Provincial Championship Tournament


Rules and Guidelines for the 2019-2020 Season


General Information:


1/ The B. C. Junior Girls Basketball Association was established to oversee the operation of the B. C. Junior Girls Basketball Tournament and to assist in the growth and the publicizing of junior girls basketball throughout the province. This association has now amalgamated with the B. C. Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association which will now be responsible for enforcing eligibility rules, berth allocations, tournament rules, awarding of the tournament host role and publicizing junior girls basketball on a provincial level.


2/ The dates for the 2019-20 B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament are February 26 – 29, 2020, at the Langley Events Centre.


3/ The BCSSGBA Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday, Feb. 29th, 2020, at the Langley Events Centre. Coaches interested in attending this meeting should contact the tournament director Jason Winslade or the association president for specific details.  All junior girls basketball coaches in B. C. are invited to attend the coaches meeting. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a. m. with breakfast available starting at 8:30 a. m. This meeting is a required annual event held in conjunction with the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament.


4/ The election of the association junior rep to the BCSSGBA executive and zone representatives for the following season will take place annually during the AGM held during the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament.


5/ The B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament is intended as a showcase for junior girls basketball throughout the province. The tournament will also be used to help promote player development throughout the province.


6/ All teams qualifying for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament will be guaranteed to play four games – one game Wednesday, one game Thursday, one game Friday and one game Saturday. If the tournament has more than 16 teams, it may be necessary for some teams to play two games Wednesday.


7/ Provincial Top 10 rankings will be compiled regularly throughout each season. The junior girls rep will be responsible for compiling these rankings and posting them on the association website.  The president and the junior rep will be responsible for releasing these rankings to the various media representatives throughout the province. Zone reps will be asked once before Christmas and every two weeks after Christmas to rank the teams in their zone and to include as many zone game results as they have gathered.  Teams which do not submit nor post their game results(using the scoring link) on the association webpage will NOT be included in the provincial rankings.

8/ Schools wishing to host the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament should present their hosting proposal at the junior girls coaching meeting. The successful bidder will host the tournament for ONE season.  The host may bid to host the tournament for a second season at the AGM. The host school receives an automatic berth into the provincial tournament. The association will provide a $2,000 grant to assist the tournament host with covering organization and administration costs.  The Langley Events Centre is the host site until 2029, although the BCSSGBA may mandate a new tournament site at a date in the future .


9/ The game directors for every game played during the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament will keep a second backup scoresheet with a record of fouls and the running game score. This second scoresheet will NOT be used to overrule the official scoresheet, but only to act as a form of verification.


10/ The two wildcard berths will be allocated during a conference call with the BSSGBA executive and informed zone reps prior to the start of zone playoffs. Challenge games will NOT be used to determine wildcard berths due to costs and the amount of missed class time. These wildcard berths will be allocated to a zone and not a specific team and will be based upon performance and merit.

C. Junior Girls Basketball Executive (2019-2020 season):


BCSSGBA Junior Rep: Don Hildebrand, Retired

Tournament Director:  Jason Winslade, LEC

Zone Representatives:

Northwest:  TBA

North Central:  Louise Holmes, Duchess Park Secondary School

Kootenays: Dan Loewen, Mount Baker Secondary School

Okanagan:  Lisa Nevoral, OKM

Fraser River South: Jen Dudley, Panorama Secondary

Fraser River North:  Audra Severinski,  Pitt Meadows Secondary

Fraser Valley East:  Brian Smith, Brookswood Secondary School

Vancouver-Whistler:  Chris Ramirez, Little Flower Secondary School

Vancouver Island:  Kris Walushka, Belmont Secondary

The role of the zone representatives is to fulfill the following duties:

  1. to disperse information regarding eligibility and berthing to all schools in their zone prior to the start of the season in November
  2. to collect team registration fees and registration forms from teams in their zone and forward this material to the association
  3. to try to ensure players on teams seeking to qualify for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament are eligible to play in the tournament
  4. to contribute regularly the provincial rankings by forwarding scores from as many games which take place in their zone as possible
  5. to mediate any disputes within their zone relating to the B. C. tournament and to seek clarification if needed from the association president and executive
  6. to act as a contact person for the tournament host and the association during the season
  7. to be prepared to assist in the seeding of teams for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament


Player Eligibility


  1.   The following eligibility rules apply to players wishing to participate in the Provincial Qualifying Tournaments and the Junior Girls Provincial Championships.


  1. All players must be under 17 years of age as of December 31; if the player has her 17th birthday December 31 or earlier, then she is NOT eligible; if her 17th birthday falls January 1 or later, then she is eligible.


  1. All players must be registered in grade 8, 9 or 10 during that school year to be eligible to play in the B.C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament.


  1. Only players who are registered as Junior players with the BCSS are eligible to play in a Provincial Qualifying tournament (PQT’S) or the Junior Girls Provincial Championships. 
  2. Players can ONLY play in ONE B. C. tournament championship per season of play or year at the grade 8, grade 9 and junior level.

    6.To remain eligible to pursue qualification in the B. C. junior girls championship tournament, a         player can participate in four play dates at the senior girls level of competition with up to two         of these play dates involving league games.


Team Registration:


  1. In order to be eligible for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament, teams must register with the B. C. Junior Girls Basketball Association. Teams must forward a $15 registration fee and a team registration form to the proper zone representative by JANUARY 15, 2020.


  1. A late registration deadline will be FEBRUARY 1, 2020. Teams which register with the association between JANUARY 16 – FEBRUARY 1 must pay a $75 late registration fee.


  1. Teams which do not register with the association by FEBRUARY 1, 2020, and are declared ineligible may appeal to the association appeal committee and may be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 plus the required registration fee in order to be eligible to participate in the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament. No appeal will be accepted within one week of the start of the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament. Registration is considered complete when the zone rep receives all the required registration materials (registration form and registration fee) postmarked by the appropriate deadline date.


  1. Teams using ineligible player(s) for a PQT or in the B.C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament will forfeit any game in which the ineligible player(s) have been used.


  1. Any zone or school wishing to appeal any decision made by the association must make their initial presentation to the association president for a preliminary ruling.


  1. If the president’s decision is appealed, a conference call with the association appeal committee may then be held as an avenue of formal appeal. The party initiating the appeal will be responsible for covering any and all costs related to the appeal.


  1. All qualifying events leading toward qualification for the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament must be completed at least the weekend prior to the first day of the provincial tournament.  



C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament Playing Rules:


1/ A size 6 women’s basketball will be used in all games.

2/ The home team, as determined by the tournament draw, will wear light-colored uniforms in each game. The visiting team will wear dark-colored uniforms.

3/ Teams are allowed to use full court zone presses. 

4/ Teams are allowed to use half court zone defences. 

5/ The B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament will use modified FIBA rules in all games as used in the senior girls association games.



C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament Berthing and Seeding:


1/  At the AGM in March, 2016, approval was given to expand the Junior Girls Provincial Championships to 24 teams.  New zone berthing allocations are listed below with the additional 4 berths to be filled through 4 regional provincial qualifying tournaments which are open to all teams in the province regardless of the zone they may be in.  These tournaments will take place in the month of January, 2020.


a) The allocation of zone berths will be as follows:


Kootenays – 1 North Central – 2

Fraser Valley East – 2 Northwest – 1

Fraser River South- 2 Okanagan – 2

Fraser River North- 2 Host Berth – 1

Lower Mainland – 2 Wildcards – 3

Vancouver Island – 2


Berths from Provincial Qualifying Tournaments – 4


TOTAL = 24 berths

2/ The strength of teams within a zone will be the only criteria used for determining the allocation of the wildcard berths. The wildcard berths will be allocated following a conference call between the BCSSGBA executive and the zone reps prior to the start of the zone playoffs.  Wildcard berths are NOT allocated to a specific team; they are allocated to a zone based upon the allocation criteria and the related discussion. Both the wildcard berths may be awarded to the same zone if the strength of the zone merits such a decision.

3/ Once the 24 qualifying teams are determined, all the teams will be seeded one to 24 in a seeded draw. This seeding will be done through a conference call between the BCSSGBA executive and the zone reps.

The first-round contests will be:

9 vs. 24       10 vs. 23

16 vs. 17          15 vs. 18


12 vs. 21        11 vs. 22

13 vs. 20        14 vs. 19


Round 1 winners will move to round 2 to play against seeds 1 to 8 on Wednesday afternoon.  Teams losing their first round game will play for 17th to 24th place while teams losing in the second round game will play for 9th to 16th place.


4/ While the seeding recommendation that teams from the same zone should not play each other on the first day of the tournament, the increase to 24 teams may make this difficult to achieve. Seeding of teams may reflect the following of this historical practice. It is not necessary to automatically seed a non-qualifying host school as the 24th seed if their season performance indicates a closer examination of the tournament seeding.

5/  A conference call between the BCSSGBA executive and zone reps will do the seeding for the draw. The seeding of positions 1 to 24 of the B. C. Tournament will be based on league play, tournaments and zone playoffs.  Seeding will also honor final zone placements meaning a team cannot be seeded higher than another team which places higher in its zone qualifying tournament. All teams participating in the B. C. Junior Girls Championship Tournament will be notified by email of their opening game opponent, tipoff time and game location.


6/ If coaches have any questions or problems relating to any of these rules and guidelines, they should contact their zone rep or the association president to seek an official interpretation or information.

2019/20 Provincial Qualifying Tournaments  


The following guidelines have to be met by all teams participating in the provincial championship qualifying tournaments:


1/ All teams must be registered with the BCSSGBA and meet the eligibility requirements (see rules and regs).  To facilitate this requirement, all teams upon notification of their placement in a qualifying tournament, must immediately send in their $15 registration fee for the 2019/20 season to Don Hildebrand. Cheques will be made out to British Columbia Secondary School Girls Basketball Association and sent to Don Hildebrand, address TBA


  2/ The team roster will also be emailed to Don Hildebrand (wildernessdon@gmail.com) once the team has been selected in late November, 2019.  This should be received no later than Dec. 6th, 2019.


3/ The tournament fee for 2019/20  will be $300.00.  Instructions will be sent to all participating schools by mid-September re payment for the tournament.  If a participating team pulls out of any tournament with less than 21 days’ notice, their entry fee with be not be refunded if another team can’t be found to replace them.


4/ Host sites and dates, once confirmed by the BCSSGBA executive, will be posted on the website by March 15th under the Junior Girls tab and will remain there for the entire 2019-20 season .  Confirmed teams will be added to those sites once the application process (below) is completed.



Application Process and Guidelines  


1/ On April 1st, application for spots in the 4 provincial qualifiers will be accepted.  Teams will be able to submit 2 choices designating their first and second preferences.   All applications will be sent to wildernessdon@gmail.com….


2/ To ensure that zones hosting the qualifiers are not overtaken by outside zones, three of the tournament spots will be held for teams in that zone.  Limits on the number of teams from an outside zone may also be a consideration to ensure a competitive experience.  


3/ It is the intent of the association that teams can play in only ONE qualifying tournament if there are enough teams to fill all the qualifying tournament draw positions.  Teams will only be considered for a second tournament placing if a spot remains after going through all teams that have applied. This is to insure that no tournament goes unfilled.


4/ Host schools receive an automatic spot in the tournament they are hosting.

5/ Qualified winners of each of the 4 tournaments will receive a provincial berth and will be seeded 1-24 for the provincial tournament based on season, tournament and zone results with strength of schedule as a consideration.


6/ If a team qualifies through these tournaments and also earns a spot in their respective zone championships, the next eligible team will receive the provincial berth ( ie. a zone has 2 berths but the 1st place team has already qualified, then the 3rd place team would then receive a provincial berth).


7/ All 4 tournaments will be under executive control and will be seeded by the executive member charged with Junior Girls rankings during the year to make sure seeding is done as equitably as possible.