2017/18 Junior Girls Rankings

     Well, it’s that time of year when everyone is getting ready for the season and everyone is asking who are the teams who will be looking to make the provincials this coming season.  As usual it is too early for any valid rankings so I have talked to my zone reps to list some of the teams from each of the zones that look promising.  They are as follows:

Northwest — Charles Hayes

North Central–Duchess Park, Prince George SS and Nechako Valley

Kootenays– Mt. Baker, Grand Forks and Jaffray

Okanagan–OKM, Penticton,Kelowna, Summerland, South Kam and Valleyview

Island–Belmont, Royal Bay, Pacific Christian,Cowichan, NDSS and Claremont

Lower Mainland– Crofton House, Argyle, STM and McMath

Fraser Valley–Brookswood, Tweedsmuir, Earl Marriott, Walnut Grove, Yale, Bateman, Mouat, Riverside and Heritage Woods

    I hope to have a top 15 posted after the Dec. 15/16 weekend as I will have a number of tournaments on which to base rankings.  It is important that teams send their results to me if they want consideration in the ranking  process.  No results — no ranking…….