2018/19 Provincial Qualifying Tournaments





2018/19 Provincial Qualifying Tournaments  


The following guidelines have to be met by all teams participating in the provincial championship qualifying tournaments:

1/ .  All teams must be registered with the BCSSGBA and meet the eligibility requirements (see rules and regs).  To facilitate this requirement, all teams upon notification of their placement in a qualifying tournament, must immediately send in their $15 registration fee for the 2018/19 season to Don Hildebrand. Cheques will be made out to BCSSGBA and sent to Don Hildebrand, 32235 Pineview Ave., Abbotsford, BC V2T 1R2.

2/ .  Team spots will be held for 2 weeks from notification and will only be confirmed once the registration fee is received.  If payment is not received in due time, the team spot will be awarded to a team on the waitlist.

3/ .  The BCSS team roster will also be forwarded to Don Hildebrand once the team has been selected in late November, 2018.

4/ .  The tournament fee for 2018/19  will be $300.00 and should be sent to the host school before the Christmas Break.   Instructions will be sent to all participating schools by mid- November.  If a participating team pulls out of any tournament with less than 21 days’ notice, their entry fee with be not be refunded if another team can’t be found to replace them.

5/ .  Host sites and dates, once confirmed by the BCSSGBA executive, will be posted on the website by March 17th under the Junior Girls tab and will remain there for the entire 2018-19 season .  Confirmed teams will be added to those sites once the application process (below) is completed.

Application Process and Guidelines  

  1/ .  On April 1st, application for spots in the 8 provincial qualifiers will be accepted.  Teams will be able to submit 2 choices designating their first and second preferences.  All teams applying for a provincial qualifying tournament spot will be listed using the order in which they were received.  All applications will be sent to wildernessdon@gmail.com….

2/ .  To ensure that zones hosting the qualifiers are not overtaken by outside zones, half of the tournament spots (4 in an 8 team tournament) will be held for teams in that zone.  Limits on the number of teams from an outside zone may also be a consideration to ensure a competitive experience. If a tournament fails to be filled by April 28th all teams will be considered for all remaining spots including the spots held for zone host teams.

3/ .  Once a team has been assigned a tournament spot (either 1st or 2nd choice), they will be moved to the bottom of the list.  This will continue until all qualifying spots have been filled or the team list is exhausted. Teams whose 1st and 2nd choices are not available when they come up for consideration will be notified and allowed a 3rd choice of the remaining qualifying spots.  Once they choose a spot, they will be moved to the bottom of the list. If they do not want one of the remaining spots they will be moved to a waitlist.

4/ .  It is the intent of the association that teams can play in only ONE qualifying tournament if there are enough teams to fill all the qualifying tournament draw positions.  Teams will only be considered for a second tournament placing if a spot remains after going through all teams that have applied. This is to insure that no tournament goes unfilled.

5/ .  Host schools receive an automatic spot in the tournament they are hosting.  They will be considered as receiving their first choice selection and will be placed at the bottom of the list.

6/ .  Qualified winners of each of the 8 tournaments will receive a provincial berth and will be seeded 1-24 for the provincial tournament based on season, tournament and zone results with strength of schedule as a consideration.

7/ .  If a team qualifies through these tournaments and also earns a spot in their respective zone championships, the next eligible team will receive the provincial berth ( ie. a zone has 2 berths but the 1st place team has already qualified, then the 3rd place team would then receive a provincial berth).

8/ .  All 8 tournaments will be under executive control and will be seeded by the executive member charged with Junior Girls rankings during the year to make sure seeding is done as equitably as possible.


Below are the PQT sites and teams for 2018/19


Panorama PQT

Earl Marriott
Burnaby South
Holy Cross

Little Flower PQT

Little Flower
York House
Burnaby Mountain
Fraser Heights
West Van
Pitt Meadows

Jan. 18/19

Belmont PQT

Pacific Christian
Royal Bay
Langley Christian
RE Mountain

Duchess Park PQT 

Duchess Park
Correlieu SS
College Heights
DP Todd
Nechako Valley
Charles Hays
Prince George SS
Kelly Road

Seaquam PQT

Notre Dame
GP Vanier

Valleyview PQT

South Kamloops
WL Seaton
Carson Graham

Jan. 25/26


Heritage Woods
Abby Christian
Terry Fox
Abby Senior

Riverside PQT

Walnut Grove
Princess Margret
South Delta