BC Jr. BC Championship Team Eligibility

BCSS has eliminated the rule limiting Jr. players playing up at Sr. during a season and STILL being eligible to play down at the Jr. level.
This rule has been erased by BCSS for ALL sports … including basketball.

HOWEVER, in basketball there is a Jr. BC Championship Tournament (Feb 26-March 1, 2014 at the LEC).
Not all sports have a Jr. BC Championships.
The Jr. Girl’s BC Championships is run by the BCSSGBA (formerly run by BCJGBA)
For Jr. teams to be eligible to play at the Jr. BC Championships, ALL teams must register their rosters and pay $15 to the BCSSGBA by the January deadline. The same rule as always except before, the $ and reg went to the BCJGBA.

The BCSSGBA is also re-instating the Jr. limitation rule for playing up for Jr. teams wishing to compete for the Jr. Girl’s BC Championship.

As the attached states, to maintain the integrity of the Jr. BC’s, designed for Jr. Teams and Jr. Players …. the BCSSGBA will enforce the old BCSS rule for Jr. Teams intending to compete for the Jr. BC Championships.
Jr teams that do not adhere to this rule will NOT be eligible to compete at the Jr. BC’s.
BCSS accepts this rule as they see the Jr. BC’s as an invitational tournament under the authority of the BCSSGBA.

So …. what does this all mean?
Simple .. Jr team players can play up at senior as much as they want and still go down and play Jr. if that is something that your program needs and your Jr. team does not intend to compete at the Jr. BC’s.
HOWEVER, if your Jr. team intends to compete at the Jr. BC Championships, ALL of those Jr team players are limited by the same rule that existed for years. See doc.

This will be self monitored as usual.
Jr. players on a Sr. game scoresheet are deemed ‘playing at the Sr. level’ regardless of whether they get into the game or not as a scoresheet doesn’t record minutes played.
A Jr. player, registered on a Sr. scoresheet for a Sr. game on any given day will count as 1 playing day up.
Remember, a Jr. team playing is a senior tournament on a fri-sat counts as 2 days UP for all members of that team.
The BCSSGBA is authorized to make rules for the Jr. BC’s.

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