2018-19 Rules Update

See below or this link doc: 2018 High School Rules Changes – Girls


                        2018 High School Rules Changes – Girls

  1. No changes to the reset of the shot clock after the ball strikes the ring – full reset to 24 seconds.
  2. No change to the undergarments restrictions.

            New Rules:

  1. Last 2 minutes of the game – a defensive player shall not move over the boundary line.  After a warning, with the preventive warning signal, any            further action shall result in a Technical foul.
  2. All throw-ins as part of any Unsportsmanlike foul or Disqualifying foul, the throw-in shall be administered from the frontcourt throw-in spot. In all cases, the team awarded the throw-in shall have 14 seconds on the shot clock.
  3. Shot clock                          1. Following a foul or violation against the team in control of the ball in:        (a)  the backcourt – reset to 24 seconds                                                                    (b)  the frontcourt – reset to 14 seconds.
  4. During the last 2 minutes of the game – time-out awarded in offensive team’s backcourt, the coach has the option of retaining possession in their backcourt or moving the ball to the throw-in line in the frontcourt.

Note:   following the time-out, the Head Coach must immediately inform the closest official which option is be taken.  Failure to do so – the           throw-in shall remain in the team’s backcourt.                                                                               (a)  backcourt throw-in – 24 seconds  after an opponent’s foul, violation, or legal score.                                                                                                    (b)  no reset if out-of-bounds, double foul or possession arrow.                      (c)  advanced to the frontcourt – reset to 14 seconds if more than 14seconds displayed on the shot clock.    If less than 14 seconds, the shot clock is not reset

(d)  advanced to the frontcourt –  no reset if less than 14 seconds.    

  1. Technical Foul: One free throw to be administered immediately (but          following a time-out, if applicable).                                                                                   Following the Technical foul free throw(s), play to resume:  ball returns to            the team which was in control of the ball or to the team entitled to the           ball.
  2. Ball lodges between the ring and backboard, the shot clock shall be reset to 24 seconds.

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