2018-19 Jr. Provincial Qualifying Tournaments

The sites for the 2018/19 Provincial Qualifying Tournaments (PQT’s) have been confirmed.

Registering for a spot in these tournaments begins on April 1st at 12:01 am.

When applying for a spot please list your school, coach, cell number and your 1st and 2nd choices.

Allocation to the tournaments is based on the time the email arrives on my computer. I allow a week to pass before I begin filling the tournament requests and will email you once you have been assigned a spot.

You will need to forward a $15 registration fee made out to BCSSGBA to myself before you are confirmed in that spot.

My email address is wildernessdon@gmail.com. I will forward my mailing address to you once you have been given a tournament spot. All info pertaining to Junior Girls Rules and Regulations plus PQT information will be posted on the BCSSGBA website under the Junior Girls tab…….

Below are the PQT sites for 2018/19

Jan. 11/12
Little Flower Academy–Vancouver

Jan. 18/19
Duchess Park–Prince George

Jan. 25/26

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